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Hot yoga open

The series focuses predominantly on static postures, with perhaps one or two short flows included. 


The open class is particularly suitable for beginners, whilst always including progressive postures for those ready to step up their practice to the next level. 


Modifications and options are provided throughout the class for all levels and abilities. The temperature in the Red Hot class is between 38 – 42C with a humidity level of 40% – 50%.


Open classes are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. 

Mat Pilates Open

In open Pilates classes I work through the Pilates ‘basics’, which are a specific repertoire of exercises designed to retrain the correct activation of the ‘inner’ core muscles in order to prevent/rehabilitate back pain or injury, improve posture and strengthen the core. The classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners, however, I highly recommend my Pilates Foundation Course for complete beginners.


For pre/post natal we strongly recommend a 1:1 private session first to assess your personal development before attending scheduled classes.

Mat Pilates Level 1-2

Suitable for students who have a good understanding of their own body and are working towards advancing their Pilates practise and have attended Pilates open classes for some time.

A progression from open mat Pilates classes offering a more fluid, faster pace class working through both the fundamental mat exercises and the more difficult intermediate exercises.


Modifications will be offered throughout but this class is not suitable for beginners or refreshers as the fundamental understanding of Pilates method and the fundamental repertoire of exercises need to be learned first.


Not suitable during pregnancy or early stages of postnatal unless otherwise advised by instructor.

HIIP (High Intensity Interval Pilates)

Want a lean, strong, toned body?


A 45 minute class that burns, tones and shapes one session at a time! Previous Pilates experience is a pre-requisite otherwise just grit and determination is all that is required.


In the true style of interval training we will work in intervals of short bursts doing one exercise followed by a short ‘breather’ of a few seconds before we begin again.


Exercises offered will be any from the full Pilates repertoire and options for a lower or higher level will be offered throughout and mall pieces of equipment may also be used such as resistance bands and magic circles to increase the intensity and level of ‘fun’!

A short warm-up and stretch will be followed at the beginning and end of the session with an approximate 30 minute interval section as the main course.


Not suitable during pregnancy or early stages of postnatal.