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Pilates Gold


A gentle class for anyone feeling particularly out of shape or condition, suffering from a previous illness or regaining strength after pregnancy or fits into the older population.


Increase your stability, balance and coordination through the Pilates method that teaches control. Exercises focused on small range movements to improve core strength and flexibility. This is crucial for improving day-to-day functional movement including posture and overall fitness benefits.


“In ten lessons you’ll feel a difference, in twenty you’ll see a difference and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates

Pilates For Tight Guys


Strong but Inflexible?


Increase core strength and stability to heighten coordination and sharpen your focus.


An inclusive programme specifically designed for all men, fit or unfit. For the athlete you will discover the Pilates is a great cross-training method. For the sedentary man with little or no exercise history you will find Pilates a natural path to improving your strength and flexibility.


“In ten lessons you’ll feel a difference, in twenty you’ll see a difference and in thrity you’ll have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates

Yoga For Tight Guys


Fit and Strong but inflexible?


Increase power and minimize your risk of injury.


An integrated approach to yoga and the benefits of strength, flexibility and focus. Aiming to avoid tight muscles that are more prone to injury, loosening tight spots allowing your body to move smoothing through daily movement or sports.


Together with the physical benefits of yoga we will cultivate the flexibility of mind using synchronized poses and breath. By focusing on the present moment we can encourage balance of body and mind.

Pilates Foundation Course


Ever wondered what benefits Pilates can offer you?


A 4 week fundamental course suitable for absolute beginners or refreshers to the Pilates method that will teach you how to engage and isolate individual muscles, activate your core more effectively and to move with more control and precision using the breath. This will bring a more core aligned practice to any class that you take whether it's a Pilates or yoga class or even the gym!  The benefits of Pilates include better posture, a feeling of more length in the spine, stretching the body and mind as well as overall strength, balance and wellbeing.



Learn to isolate & activate muscles and control abdominals.

Learn neutral spine and stabilisation of pelvis.

Learn lateral breathing used for Pilates.

Learn how to set up and align for each Pilates exercise.

Learn how to create muscle memory to engage specific muscle groups for each exercise.

Hot Yoga Foundation Course


New to yoga or the hot studio?


If you are just starting out and want to explore the many benefits that hot yoga can give you then this is the course for you.


Learn the fundamentals of taking a yoga class in the hot studio.


We will teach you how to acclimatize to the heat, the etiquette of being not only in a yoga studio but in particular a hot yoga studio. We will move slowly and deliberately through a series of hatha based postures, spending time on alignment and offering modifications at every stage.  Learn how your own body likes or dislikes to move and how to embrace your own practice that will support you once you start to take an open class at the studio.  Gain confidence as you grow and recognize your own limitations. Feel good about your own body and embrace who you are in a supportive, fun environment.